Outreach & Engagement Programs

At the University of Iowa, we define outreach and engagement as collaboration between faculty, staff and students and diverse external groups in mutually beneficial partnerships that are grounded in scholarship and consistent with our role and missions of teaching, research and service. The following programs are a collection of the university's outreach and engagement initiatives. We are working with the university community to collect and verify additional outreach and engagement programs. Please contact us if you have any questions.
100 Great Iowa Nurses recognize registered nurses in all practice areas and across all 99 Iowa counties, supports the nursing profession, and provides patients, coworkers, industry professionals, friends, and family members the opportunity to recognize nurses who are compassionate, caring, and... Read More
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The African American Studies Seminar Series and the Darwin Turner Lecture bring important scholars and creative artists to the University of Iowa campus. Guests of the lecture and seminar series have included Amiri Baraka, Michelle Wallace, and Valerie Smith. The New Research in African American... Read More
The Ambient Air Quality division of the State Hygienic Laboratory at the University of Iowa works in conjunction with the Iowa Department of Natural Resources and the Environmental Protection Agency to preserve the air quality of the state. The State Hygienic Laboratory maintains a network of... Read More
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The American Regions Mathematics League's annual competition brings together the nation's finest students. They meet, compete, and socialize with one another, forming friendships and sharpening their mathematical skills. The contest is written for high school students, although some exceptional... Read More
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Every year, The University of Iowa Physics and Astronomy Department holds their annual public demonstration show to help encourage youth to engage with science in their daily lives.
A weekly opportunity to practice and enjoy reading in a supportive environment. This group is intended for people with mild to moderate aphasia who continue to experience difficulties with reading comprehension. A variety of reading strategies and support are used to promote understanding of... Read More
All lectures are free and open to the public. The AIA Iowa Society Lecture Program is supported by the Office of the State Archaeologist, the University of Iowa Departments of Anthropology, Classics, Religion, Art and Art History, and the University of Iowa Museum of Natural History
As our world becomes increasingly interconnected, the arts can perform an important function: they can help audiences see to the heart of complicated matters. The primary goal of Arts Across Borders is to encourage faculty in Dance, Music and Theatre to work together and, when appropriate, with... Read More
The Assistive Devices Research and Service Outreach team designs prototype augmentative / assistive devices, including prototype systems for individuals with multiple impairments. These systems are based on lap-top computers or dedicated microprocessors and provide speech output and environment... Read More
The College of Nursing Association of Graduate Nursing Students (AGNS) enables graduate students to have a voice in issues important to their experience at the University of Iowa, and as future leaders of the nursing profession.  AGNS also nominates student representatives to serve on the PhD Forum... Read More
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