Grant Wood Fellows Exhibition
Grant Wood Fellows Exhibition

The Grant Wood Fellows culminate their year at the University of Iowa with an exhibition at CSPS Hall in Cedar Rapids. Come see the work of 2016-17 fellows Tameka J. Norris, Colin Lyons, and Christopher-Rasheem McMillan.

The Clinic serves cleft lip and palate patients from Western Iowa, Nebraska, South Dakota and SW Minnesota. 

The Oakdale Community Choir comprises men incarcerated at the Iowa Medical and Classification Center and women and men from outside the prison.

An NSF-funded project, led by Professor Yasar Onel of the Department of Physics & Astronomy, that brings 28 high school physics teachers from around Iowa to the UI for a one-week program every

The Carver College of Medicine provides resources and educational materials designed to educate students’ learning experiences.

The Pro Bono Society is a law student group that emphasizes the importance of public service and volunteerism in the legal profession.

The "Language Disorders in Children: Birth to Five" course includes a service learning component, in which Master’s students in speech-language pathology partner with the early classroom teachers a

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