Grant Wood Fellows Exhibition
Grant Wood Fellows Exhibition

The Grant Wood Fellows culminate their year at the University of Iowa with an exhibition at CSPS Hall in Cedar Rapids. Come see the work of 2016-17 fellows Tameka J. Norris, Colin Lyons, and Christopher-Rasheem McMillan.

The University of Iowa College of Pharmacy has worked to develop mentorship programs and relationships that further students’ overall academic and practice experience.
Dental students perform dental screenings, apply fluoride varnish and provide preventive dental education each year.
The Weekend Institute for Gifted Students (WINGS) consists of half day enrichment opportunities for elementary and junior high students (grades 2-8) that take place during the spring semester on The U
Designated as a collaborative effort between four Iowa institutions: The University of Iowa, Iowa State University, the Iowa Department of Public Health and the Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land
The Institute of Public Affairs responds to requests from local governments to assist with specific public policy and organizational assistance of various kinds.
From making mud to quenching our thirst to a home for fish and other animals, let’s explore the wonders and properties of water!

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of all Iowa dentists are educated at the University of Iowa


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