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Students, faculty and staff at the University of Iowa come from all of Iowa’s 99 counties. While the students stay on campus only for a short period, the influence they have back in their communities lasts a lifetime. These are the doctors, nurses, librarians, lawyers, pharmacists and much more that you interact with every day. By utilizing the education and experiences they received at the University of Iowa, your Hometown Hawkeyes are able to create a positive economic impact within their hometowns and across the state.

The University of Iowa: The University FOR Iowa.

Hometown Hawkeyes

As of Fall 2014...

62 University of Iowa alumni live in Ida County.

80% of Iowa’s K-12 school districts have UI-educated teachers and administrators, including 4 in Ida County.

50% of Iowa physicians are UI educated, including 2 in Ida County.

80% of all Iowa dentists are UI educated, including 2 in Ida County.

47% of all Iowa pharmacists are UI educated, including 4 in Ida County.

Ida County also has...

1 UI-Educated Advanced Practice Nurses

2 UI-Educated Engineers

Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate Total

Graduate Students

Graduate Total

Professional Students

Professional Total

Total Students

There are 16 students from Ida County currently enrolled at The University of Iowa.

How the UI impacts your neighborhood

Last year, the UI supported 2 Ida County companies with purchases of $147.49.

Healthcare Connections

132 Ida County residents received service from The University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics.
An additional 0 Ida County residents received services through UI Outreach Specialty Clinics and UI Home Care, a visiting nursing program.

As the state’s public health and environmental laboratory, the State Hygienic Laboratory at the University of Iowa serves all of Iowa’s 99 counties through disease detection, environmental monitoring, and newborn and maternal screening. During the previous year, the lab performed 12 tests in Ida County.
Ida County