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Date: Tuesday April 22, 2014 from noon-1pm

Title:  The Looting of Art: A Post-Mortem on Nazi Avarice and Prelude to the Cold War

Presenter:  Former Congressman Jim Leach, UI visiting professor

Summary: "The Holocaust is without doubt the greatest sin mankind ever evidenced.  But its murderous dimensions were so gargantuan that its magnitude as the greatest mass theft in history has been overlooked.  So when new information surfaced in the 1990s of the role of Swiss banks in serving both as financial intermediaries for the Nazis and as absconders of the savings of European Jews gassed in concentration camps and machine gunned into unmarked graves throughout Central and Eastern Europe, I held as chairman of the House Banking Committee four years of unprecedented hearings on an historical subject that carried contemporary ramifications.  A hint of the grand larceny precipitated by Hitler's hate ridden dogma has been revealed in recent weeks in George Clooney's movie the Monuments Men.  Using the theft of art as a social barometer for a culture of hatred, my intent is to lay out a broader historical context for crimes of unthinkable enormity."

Location: 2520D University Capitol Centre, 200 South Capitol Street, Iowa City, IA

RSVP: https://uiowa.qualtrics.com/SE/?SID=SV_6xJC4102nz36Cdn



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