The University of Iowa

Division of Continuing Education

Youth Environmental Writing Workshop

The College of Liberal Arts & Sciences Frank N. Magid Center for Undergraduate Writing has been granted a Better Futures For Iowans award to fund a program of collaborative community outreach in partnership with the Iowa Youth Writing Project (IYWP), a dynamic, young nonprofit that provides writing, tutoring, creative learning, and publishing opportunities (at little or no cost to participants) to youth across the state of Iowa.

Summer Camps

The magic of Lakeside is a blending of qualified and excited learners, qualified and dedicated faculty, the West Okoboji site and the opportunity for an immersion experience with a small number of like-minded students. Lakeside offers a variety of summer camps for pre K - through high school age students.

River Camp

River Camp is in two parts. During Part 1, we will investigate river basics: how they form, parts of river and their unique plant and animal life. We will also learn and practice camping and canoeing skills in preparation for the second part of River Camp. During Part 2 of River Camp we will form a Lakeside team and join Project Aware, an educational and river clean-up expedition organized by the Iowa Department of Natural Resources, and go camping and canoeing on the Big Sioux River for two days and two nights!

Nature Play

Summer is a great time to explore and play outside. Let’s head through the grass and into the woods, up the hill and down to the lake, looking for flowers and critters and friends to make!

Iowa Lakeside Laboratory

Lakeside Lab is owned by the state of Iowa and operated through the Board of Regents. Its mission is twofold: 1) to provide science classes and research opportunities for university students, and 2) to offer Outreach Programs and provide services through the state universities. Several different courses are offered for different ages groups. These can be viewed by going to the program website.

High School Aquatics Microbiology Camp

Iowa Lakeside Lab Regents Resource Center is pleased to offer this opportunity for high school students who have completed an introductory biology course. Participants will study diatoms—a fascinating group of microscopic, aquatic organisms. During the week, students will collect samples from freshwater environments, identify the diatoms they find, and use them to practice the scientific method.