The University of Iowa

College of Law

Iowa Academic Human Rights Network

Established in 2014, the network consists of instructors and administrators from Iowa's universities, private colleges, and community colleges. We are committed to connecting interested academics to enhance human rights teaching and scholarship at institutions of higher education across the state.

One Community, One Book

Begun in 2001, the UI Center for Human Rights's One Community, One Book reading program invites community members to read and come together to discuss the same book with human rights or social justice themes. These discussion forums typically take place from September through November each year and a capstone event will be held during that time.

Center for Human Rights

Affiliated with the University of Iowa’s College of Law, the University of Iowa Center for Human Rights (UICHR) has as its mission the promotion and protection of human rights at home and abroad through distinguished multidisciplinary leadership in human rights research, education, and public service to The University of Iowa, its surrounding communities, the State of Iowa, and beyond.

Iowa Nonprofit Resource Center, Larned A. Waterman

The Larned A. Waterman Iowa Nonprofit Resource Center (INRC) is a University of Iowa interdisciplinary collaboration, founded in 2000 by UI College of Law Professor and UI President Emeritus Willard "Sandy" Boyd. The INRC has established a record of training students in nonprofit law, offering workshops and training to nonprofit workers statewide, providing critical information on nonprofit issues, and developing publications and guidelines for Iowa’s nonprofit organizations.

Pro Bono Society

The Pro Bono Society is a law student group that emphasizes the importance of public service and volunteerism in the legal profession. In addition, the Pro Bono Society serves as a vehicle to assist law students seeking to earn the Boyd Service Award. Membership is an earned honor that signifies an objectively measured commitment to serving others during the school year, as well as the development of skills and values important to a life of public service in the tradition of pro bono publico.