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The Office of Outreach & Engagement provides travel arrangements and reimbursements for trips related to our featured programs.  To ensure that the we can successfully plan travel locally and throughout the state, please use the following guidelines and forms.  Current students should use the online travel request form to request travel arrangements from us as needed for the completion of projects. The form includes options to request vehicles and hotel rooms.  The "travel and reimbursement guidelines" link provides detailed information about travel policies, per diem, and requesting reimbursement for project related expenses.  

Because we often have many surveys happening simultaneously, students should coordinate survey creation and distribution with an Office of Outreach and Engagement staff member.  To be consistent in the use of surveys, we have created a template in Qualtrics that can be utilized and revised by students. 

The Office of Outreach and Engagement has a number of supplies available for use by students working on community engagement projects through our office.  Supplies are loaned out and distributed on a first come, first serve basis.  Students may also request supplies not found on this list.

We recommend using agendas for meetings when appropriate, especially for meetings with community partners.  Agendas help guide productive and thoughtful discussions, and meeting minutes provide a record of important points and decisions.  These templates can be revised as necessary. 

Image release forms are used to obtain authorization from project participants (e.g. interviewees) for the use of their image in photographs, videos, or other recordings used as part of the student project.   Media release forms provide authorization for use of original content (e.g. an original song from a local musician). 

Report cover templates are available for students to download and edit to use in their final deliverables to community partners. Our staff can also edit report covers if all necessary information is provided by email at least three days prior to the date needed.

SharePoint is a web-based file collaboration service that enable teams and communities to create websites for information sharing, document collaboration and team organization. SharePoint can be considered by colleges, departments or workgroups for intranets, off-campus collaboration, project management, Business Intelligence data gathering and reporting and enterprise social networking.