The University of Iowa

Opportunity: Showcasing Brinton films and artifacts

Project type: Feasibility Study/Business Plan

Best Fit: Business, Museums

Washington has an opportunity to create an incredible museum in our community. Our State Theater has recently been verified by Guinness that it is the oldest continuously operating movie theater in the world! On top of that, we are home to the Brinton family and film collection, which the University of Iowa Special Collections has been helping us restore these rare moving picture shows and films. In addition to the films that have been gifted to the university, the man who is responsible for saving this piece of history, Mike Zahs, has collected many other films and Brinton artifacts that we believe should have a permanent home in our community.  As the Chamber, we operate our community's Welcome Center and we need a museum to put all of this fabulous information together and share it with a wider community. But, we need help! Is creating a feasibility study or helping area communities create museums anything that your programs offer?