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North Liberty Public Art Planning Recommendations

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Graduate students in the course Growth Management in the School of Urban & Regional Planning will complete a report outlining alternatives and best practices to inform future public art planning for the City of North Liberty.

Public art and creative placemaking are increasingly important to Iowa communities for growth and vitality.  Research suggests that arts & cultural amenities play a large role in "anchoring" residents to communities while also supporting economic development and helping creating a sense of community identity. 

The City of North Liberty recognizes the potential for public art to enhance the quality of life of residents, and officials seek to better understand how the City can support public art and work toward a community public art plan.   The students will study the issue from a planning perspective. Areas of focus will include: development of a public engagement process,  recommendations/alternatives for public art programming, a review of city code to identify any obstacles, optimal siting for high impact and communicating the community brand (process or specific locations), and external funding sources.