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North Liberty Housing Needs Assessment

Planning students meet with North Liberty City Planning Director
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Graduate students in the course Housing Policy in the School of Urban & Regional Planning will conduct a Housing Needs Assessment for the City of North Liberty.

The City Council of North Liberty desires to better understand the nature of housing need and availability in the city. This assessment would help answer the question of whether the City is providing for a reasonable mix of housing for potential residents through ongoing execution of the City’s Land Use Plan and Zoning Ordinance. Inputs are expected to include a rental and owned housing inventory, an overview of existing development types and demand trends in North Liberty and the metro area, and data from the current Land Use Plan and Zoning Ordinance.

This project does not focus on one specific area of housing, but instead is intended to provide a broad-based overview of what exists and what might be missing; what is over-supplied and what might be under-supplied. Products will include a series of interim reports and consensus building built around those reports to create or reinforce the overall vision for the City’s future growth, and recommendations for changes to the Land Use Plan.