The University of Iowa

Keokuk - Southeast Iowa Development Center Marketing Recommendations

Students from the Tippie College of Business Marketing Institute will develop marketing strategies for the Southeast Iowa Development Center, a new high-tech facility in Keokuk designed to serve as a business incubator for emerging companies. 

In 2016 the city council of Keokuk agreed to accept the former St. Joseph’s Hospital building and grounds at 1417 Exchange St. as a gift from Roquette America. Roquette America decided to build a new office and gifted the building to the city. Roquette America produces starch, glucose, corn syrups, and high-fructose syrups used in foods and beverages. The complex housed Roquette’s offices for several years. The building includes general offices, 2 laboratories, showers, and conference rooms.  In 2017, The U.S. Department of Commerce announced plans to award $1 million to the city of Keokuk to renovate the building. The goal is to get the word out to businesses who are looking to expand or move to the area and to secure a tenant(s) for the building. Because the building housed 2 laboratories with ample office space and showers, it’s ideal for a scientific, research, or healthcare tenant. 

Project Scope and Deliverables

The scope of this project is to conduct market research study and design marketing materials that can be used by the City of Keokuk and Keokuk Economic Development Corporation to market the building to businesses that are looking to expand or move to the area.

  1. Identify small to midsize businesses (between $1 million - $250 million in annual revenue) that have shown consistent growth over the past 3 years. This can be an Excel spreadsheet that includes: name of business, address, key executives, type of business they’re in, and any available financial information.  This list will be used by the City of Keokuk to prospect for potential tenants.
  2. Create marketing materials and mock-ups (example: brochure, flyer, ads, email campaign, PowerPoint presentation to prospects, and so on), along with social media campaign ideas to attract tenants to the building. The marketing materials should have an accompanying brand standard (brand guide) that will be used by a professional printer to make sure they adhere to the design when printing the materials.  
  3. The final project presentation should include the team’s recommendation of a marketing plan of how-to market the building to potential tenants, corresponding marketing materials / mock ups, and a target list of businesses the City of Keokuk can use when they contact prospects.