University of Iowa

Dubuque - Advertising Campaign to Promote Outdoor Recreation in Dubuque

Juniors in the Tippie College of Business Marketing Institute will create an advertising campaign for Travel Dubuque to promote the outdoor recreational opportunities in the Dubuque area, with a particular focus on attracting mountain biking enthusiasts to the area's growing trail infrastructure. 

Marketing Institute teams will compete against each other to create an advertising campaign for Travel Dubuque to promote the outdoor recreational opportunities in Dubuque, Iowa. The ad campaign and its ads should direct to a section of the Travel Dubuque website that will be dedicated to outdoor recreation information.

In addition to the ad campaign, the Marketing Institute teams will draft the framework of the website content to feature the area’s recreational activities offered and encourage day-trip and weekend-trip opportunities for visitors to Dubuque. The look and feel of the advertising materials should be consistent with existing Travel Dubuque branding. The ad campaign should reach a broad audience; however, one of the target audiences will be mountain biking enthusiasts.

Travel Dubuque has been collaborating with non-profit called Tri-State Mountain Bike Riders (TMBR). TMBR has been very active building mountain biking trails and expanding infrastructure in the area.  Like just about everything these days, mountain biking has a devoted consumer base. The idea behind this project would be to do some “destination marketing” that connects to the existing Travel Dubuque brand. The target audience would be enthusiasts from throughout the Midwest and beyond.

Travel Dubuque also wants the teams to identify some appropriate outlets for these advertisements (maybe a magazine for mountain biking enthusiasts, for example) as they develop materials and messaging to effectively sell the area as a destination for mountain bikers / outdoor enthusiasts.  In addition to featuring the specific outdoor opportunities, they’d like the target audience to learn about other activities that could round-out a person’s day or weekend trip to Dubuque (e.g. visiting local breweries, museums, historical landmarks, and so on).