Outreach & Engagement Programs

At the University of Iowa, we define outreach and engagement as collaboration between faculty, staff and students and diverse external groups in mutually beneficial partnerships that are grounded in scholarship and consistent with our role and missions of teaching, research and service. The following programs are a collection of the university's outreach and engagement initiatives. We are working with the university community to collect and verify additional outreach and engagement programs. Please contact us if you have any questions.
In addition to mentoring students for roles which involve scientific independence, the Haes Research Group also helps educate local elementary students. The group has worked with kindergarten-sixth grade students. Whether teaching students that science can be fun or helping them earn science (merit... Read More
Hawk‐Eyes on Science, is the primary Physics and Astronomy outreach program. Faculty coordinators work closely with the department's instructional resource specialist. Outreach activities occur off-campus, at for example, regional schools, on-campus visits by schools, on-campus events and an... Read More
In the Hawkeye Challenge Programming Contest for high school students, students are given 5 programming questions and a fixed amount of time to answer them. Participants have the freedom to program with any language they choose. Students compete for prize.
Join the University of Iowa John Pappajohn Entrepreneurial Center (Iowa JPEC) as we celebrate innovation at the University of Iowa. The Hawkeye Innovation Expo brings the UI's most innovative faculty, staff, and students together in one place to celebrate successes, inspire new creations, and... Read More
The Department of Biology Outreach Program’s “Hawkeyes in the Microscope” exhibit is aimed at increasing awareness and interest in biological and scientific inquiry. It is available for community and school functions.
The Hawkinson Institute is designed to prepare students for careers in investment banking and works closely with key recruiters to help them find ideal candidates for their firms. The Institute boasts 100% placement.
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This program gives high school juniors and seniors the opportunity to visit the UI Health sciences campus to explore hands-on interactive health sciences experiences with current UI faculty, staff and students. This partnership program with the Office of Admissions provides admissions requirement... Read More
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The University of Iowa Healthier Workforce Center for Excellence, located in the College of Public Health, is one of four Total Worker Health Centers of Excellence funded by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health. The Center was established in 2006 and is built upon extensive... Read More
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The Hearing Aid Lab in the Department of Communication Sciences & Disorders is the site of many clinical trial investigations, assessing technological advances in both hardware and software. More specifically, considerable effort is aimed at "high" technologies, focusing on directional and... Read More
The Heartland Center for Occupational Health and Safety provides graduate training, continuing education and outreach in the area of occupational health and safety. Located in the University of Iowa’s College of Public Health, it is a NIOSH-funded Education and Research Center serving Iowa, Kansas... Read More
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