Outreach & Engagement Programs

At the University of Iowa, we define outreach and engagement as collaboration between faculty, staff and students and diverse external groups in mutually beneficial partnerships that are grounded in scholarship and consistent with our role and missions of teaching, research and service. The following programs are a collection of the university's outreach and engagement initiatives. We are working with the university community to collect and verify additional outreach and engagement programs. Please contact us if you have any questions.
A full day of advancing dance technique and increasing the appreciation of dance offered to students at the intermediate level, ages 10-16.
Dancers in Company is the touring dance company of the Department of Dance. The group of approximately twelve undergraduate and graduate students tours Iowa and the Midwest from February to June each year offering live concerts, workshops and lecture demonstrations for audiences of all ages.
The Dare to Discover website is a gateway to the programs through which our museums, centers, and programs engage with the public both here on campus and in communities across Iowa. Find out how to bring a speaker to your school, library or community group, or borrow a traveling Discovery Trunk... Read More
Darwin Turner Action Theatre (DTAT) is the social outreach component for the Theatre Arts Department. It was originally established in 1968 as Black Action Theatre. Its mission was to expose Iowa audiences to African-American culture and promote knowledge and understanding to people of different... Read More
Student groups provide Dental health presentations to various preschool and daycare children throughout the year.
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Senior dental students do checkups and treatment under dentist supervision.
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Dev/Iowa is helping grow Iowa’s technical community with targeted technology training and events. Training opportunities include weekend or evening workshops and the intensive Dev/Iowa Bootcamp. Community events include guest speakers, Meetups and hack events.  Classes and events are open to anyone... Read More
The UI-based Developmental Studies Hybridoma Bank (DSHB) has 3,000-some antibody-producing cells called hybridomas, tens of thousands of samples of the antibodies they produce, and one-of-a-kind cancer research laboratories — the largest not-for-profit bank of its kind in the world
"Did You See That?" combines video clips of scientists with colorful graphics and intriguing questions and blends them together into an exciting board game. Both the DVD contents and the game board can be accessed from online. "Did You See That?" provides players with fun and information in a game... Read More
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Discovery Trunks are traveling teaching trunks, containing objects, artifacts, books, DVDs, activities, and lesson plans, and are ideal for educators who want hands-on materials and lessons that fit core teaching goals about Iowa's cultural and natural history. Trunks help develop student's... Read More
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