The University of Iowa

University of Iowa Center for Excellence in Pain Education (C0EPE)

The University of Iowa was named as one of the eleven National Institutes of Health (NIH) Centers for excellence in Pain Education (CoEPE).  The goal of the CoEPE of the NIH is to develop enduring e-learning pain modules as training and educational resources for medical, dental, nursing, mental health, physical therapy, pharmacy and other health professions to advance the assessment, diagnosis and safe treatment of pain.  Other goals are to implement, evaluate and disseminate educational advancements. The UI CoEPE is being led by Dr. Keela Herr of the College of Nursing  who is partnering with Drs. Kathleen Sluka and Tanya Uden-Holman and the Iowa Institute for Public Health Practice, as well as an interdisciplinary team of experts in pain education and research across campus. 
College of Nursing