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Stanley Museum of Art K-12 Education

Stanley Museum of Art Docents and instructors lead interactive presentations of original works of art from around the globe. With funding from the University of Iowa Museum of Art Education Partners, the Stanley Museum of Art education department purchased these works of art for use in K-12 classrooms. With funding from the Stanley Museum of Art Education Partners, the museum’s Education Department purchased artworks specifically for exemplary, object-based learning during art, social studies, and language arts classes. Students can examine closely—and even handle—many of the objects. Presentations usually last fifty minutes. A true statewide collaboration, the Stanley Museum of Art School Program has consistent, dedicated audiences, not only in elementary and secondary classrooms, but in other venues. Developed specifically to integrate artworks into the core curriculum of Iowa’s K–12 students, the component presentations are in accord with the State of Iowa Curriculum Guidelines, as well as standards set by the National Art Education Association and the National Council for Social Studies. During the past seven academic years, the Stanley Museum of Art served 66,387 participants; geographically, the class visits included 148 locations in thirty-four Iowa communities in twenty counties.

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K-12 Education