The University of Iowa

Victoria Bricker

The University of Iowa has provided numerous opportunities which I have been able to find new interests and see myself grow academically, professionally, and spiritually. I walked on to The University of Iowa Women's Rowing team and can now say I am a division one athlete which provides numerous connections and volunteer opportunities support such as volunteering at an elementary. The University offers several volunteering options where I found out about MEDLIFE. This past summer spent a week in Ecuador with the organization; this trip made me open my eyes and now pursue a minor in global health.There are several other groups I have participated in such as Dance Marathon, SALT, and OnIowa that I could talk about, but each is their own and there are definitely opportunities for anyone at The University of Iowa.

Victoria Bricker
Runnels, IA
May 2017
Area of Study
Health and Human Physiology - Health Promotion with Minors in Psychology and Global Health