The University of Iowa

Brooke Lunsford

The University of Iowa has helped me continuously better my talents, while helping mold them into a future career that I will actually enjoy when I receive my degree in vocal performance and music education. I work with amazing musicians that I'm constantly learning from and being inspired by. The guest artists that come in and work with the school of music students and faculty bring in new, refreshing ways to look at music. I have made a lot of connections from faculty in my field of study as well as in the residence education program (through being a resident assistant) that I know I will carry far beyond the day I graduate. Being from a small town, countless UI programs across campus have helped me become more educated about the variety of cultures and organizations that I've had the opportunity to immerse myself in for the past three years!

Brooke Lunsford
Eddyville, Iowa
May 2016
Area of Study
Vocal Performance and Music Education