The University of Iowa

Past Presenters

Allyn Mark
College of Medicine
Inconvenient Truths about Obesity: The Role of Environmental, Genetic, and Biologic Factors, and the Challenge of Dietary Therapy

Angela Onwuachi-Willig
College of Law
Continuing a Tradition of Civil Rights in Iowa

Anita Jung
College of Liberal Arts & Sciences
The Fine Art Print

Bob McMurray
College of Liberal Arts & Sciences
From the Pristine Lab to the Noisy Classroom, and Back Again: How the Cognitive Science of Learning Can Impact Teaching, and How the Classroom Can Impact Cognitive Science

Cary Covington
College of Liberal Arts & Sciences
Emerging Keys to the 2016 Caucuses

Chuck Connerly and Nick Benson
Graudate College and Office of Outreach & Engagement
Enhancing Sustainability in Iowa through Community Engagement

Chuck Swanson
Hancher: Building the Future, Serving the State

Corinne Peek-Asa
College of Public Health
Steering Teens Safe: How Research Has Informed Best Practices for New Drivers

Cornelia Lang
College of Liberal Arts & Sciences
Journey to the Center of the Milky Way Galaxy

Dan Reed
College of Engineering
The Internet: Past, Present, and Future

David Frisvold
Tippie College of Business
Public Policy and Personal Health: Effective Tools for Combating Obesity

Don Gurnett
College of Libearl Arts & Sciences
After 36 Years Voyager 1 Reaches Interstellar Space

Donald E. Letendre
College of Pharmacy
The Global Impact of Drugs

Donna Parsons
College of Liberal Arts & Sciences
Magical Mythical Tour: In Search of the Beatles

Glenn Ehrstine
College of Liberal Arts & Sciences
German Iowans and the Politics of Brewing
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Jim Hayes featuring Maura Pilcher
Grant Wood Art Colony
Grant Wood: Myth, Memories, and the Midwest

Helena Laroche
College of Medicine
University and Community Research Partnerships

Jim Leach
College of Law and College of Liberal Arts & Sciences
The Looting of Art: a Shivering Glimpse into Nazi Avarice

John Culshaw and David McCartney
University Libraries
Embracing the Future and Preserving the Past: the 21st Century Research Library

John Winet and Ethan DeGross
University Libraries
A Field Report from the 'Studio': Public Digital Arts & Humanities Research at the University of Iowa

Karim Abdel-Malek
College of Engineering
The Virtual Soldier

Liz Tovar
Student-Athletic Academic Services
Win. Graduate. Do It Right.

Lyn Redington
Division of Student Life
Life Lessons from UI Students

Mark McDermott
College of Education
STEM at Iowa

Nate Kaeding featuring Benjamin Smart and Doug Goettsch
Food and Community

P. Barry Butler
College of Engineering
Wind Energy: Past, Present, and Future

Dr. Patrick Brophy
College of Medicine
Telemedicine in Iowa: Improving Health Care Delivery

Rachel Williams
College of Liberal Arts & Sciences
When Theory Meets Practices: Women's Studies Students Working with Women on the Inside

Sally Mason
Office of the President
The University of Iowa: a Legacy of Service and Engagement

Sarah Fisher Gardial
Tippie College of Business
Lean In, Lean On, Lean Together

Sean O'Harrow
University of Iowa Museum of Art
Two Years in the Life of Iowa's Most Famous Painting

Steven Anderson
College of Medicine
The Aging Brain in the Workplace: How's that Going to Work?

Tonya Peeples
College of Engineering
Women in Technology

Trina Roberts, J.C. Gillett, Elizabeth Reetz, Sarah Horgen, and Casey Westlake
Office of Vice President for Research & Economic Development
UI Mobile Museum

Zubair Shafiq
College of Liberal Arts & Sciences
Big Data, Big Brother