The University of Iowa

Nora Miller

Nora Miller teaches students at the 2017-2018 Arts Share summer camp

Nora Miller, a member of the Writers' Workshop and former graduate assistant with the office of Outreach and Engagement, has been an incredible example of students refining their skills through service. With Arts Share, Nora acted as a liaison between the Iowa Writers' Workshop and Iowa communities looking to host expert writing events for students and community members.

“There was one really amazing program that I helped coordinate… I recently met somebody whose kid participated in that program and said it was a really wonderful thing for her daughter and that it opened her mind up to a lot of new things. That was a really cool thing to help make happen on the logistical end,” Nora stated, referring to a writer's workshop at City High School in Iowa City. 

As an Arts Share artist herself, Nora participated in the Patient Voice Project, which connects writers with chronically ill patients to provide free one-on-one sessions. Miller also worked at the Arts Share/Grant Wood Art Colony Summer Camp, teaching students from kindergarten to sixth grade about the art of poetry.

“I really got to know a lot of my kids… It was really meaningful. One little kid at the end of the week gave me a picture of me and it said  'kind, pashote, buoatufull'​ (kind, passionate, beautiful) I put it on my fridge,”  she said fondly.