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Muscatine is a community of 23,000 located on the Mississippi River in eastern Iowa. In its process of completing a comprehensive plan, Muscatine's Community Improvement Action Team worked alongside the IISC to develop projects that implemented goals and objectives of the master plan.

Muscatine Projects


Muscatine - Branding of Muscatine

Senior undergraduate students in the College of Business’ Marketing Institute completed a year-long study and evaluation of Muscatine’s community brand, working with the Muscatine Chamber of Commerce. Muscatine’s leaders and businesses indicated that the community had struggled at times to attract...

Muscatine - Sustainable Dog Park

Muscatine was interested in developing its first dog park as a community amenity. Students surveyed best practices for dog parks in communities similar to Muscatine and identified recommended amenities, including water, water features, ground covering, benches, pavilions, fencing, walking paths,...

Muscatine Public Art Project

The IISC and Arts Share developed a low-cost public art project for a student in the MFA program. The project used recycled materials to create a sculpture that pays homage to an important member of the Mississippi River Valley's ecosystem, the bald eagle.