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Fairfield Employer Stakeholders meeting

The value of our partnerships with communities across Iowa often extends beyond any single project outcome or final deliverable. 

Collaborative projects can bring together residents and community-based organizations that coalesce around a broad community goal.  Many student-led projects involve engaging key stakeholders, many of whom work on the same issues within the community yet rarely cross paths. In the past, stakeholder meetings have even served to introduce individuals that had not yet met, leading to new relationships and collaborations.

Fairfield Employer Stakeholders meeting
The Health Communication Campaigns course in the College of Public Health, led by Dr. Shelly Campo, fosters unique collaborations by exploring a single issue from a variety of angles. In the fall semester, Dr. Campo's students worked with community partners in Fairfield, Iowa, to create campaigns addressing the issue of mental health in the community. Four groups focused on distinct sectors of the population: parents of school-aged children, employers, young professionals, and undergraduate students of Maharishi University of Management (MUM). 

Collectively, the groups connected with elected officials, school administrators, public health officials, therapists, MUM representatives, business leaders, economic developers, and more. At the end of the project, community partners not only received a collection of campaign materials and recommendations, but also recognized that addressing mental health in Fairfield would be most effective as a unified effort with coordinated messages. 

READ MORE about the project and see the students' final deliverables. 


Fairfield Employer Stakeholders meeting

Fairfield Employer Stakeholders meeting
Students in the Health Communications Course in the College of Public Health pilot tested their campaign materials with stakeholders in Fairfield.


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