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Margaret Carrel

Margaret Carrel
Associate Professor, Department of Geographical and Sustainability Sciences

Dr. Margaret Carrel's research centers on exploring geographic patterns of health and disease using GIS and spatial statistical techniques. The focus of their current research is to understand how complex interactions between people and environments result both in disease outcomes and the progressive evolution of human pathogens.

As a research emphasis, human-environment drivers of pathogenic evolution is situated in the emergent field of landscape genetics, which combines the spatial analytic techniques of landscape ecology and geography with the computational methods of population genetics. Dr. Carrel is applying these landscape genetics methods to the study of H5N1 influenza in Vietnam, H1N1 in China, malaria drug resistance in the Congo and HIV drug resistance in North Carolina.

Dr. Carrel also conducts diarrheal disease research in rural Bangladesh, examining how the installation of flood control measures and deep drinking water tubewells interact to produce or prevent diarrheal events. Projects based in Iowa examine the patterns of drug resistant Staphylococcus aureus, particularly in relationship to livestock production.

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