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Kajsa Dalrymple

Kajsa Dalrymple
Assistant Professor, School of Journalism & Mass Communication

Kajsa studies the power of influence within social networks. Her research looks at how media can help mobilize influential members of a social network to encourage positive social change. She has a particular interest in environmental communication and water sustainability. Kajsa’s current research project focuses on how different types of interactive media (e.g., maps, apps, etc.) can stimulate more sustainable agricultural practices.

Kajsa has worked closely with both state governmental agencies and Extension efforts to help facilitate campaign development and better understand the behavioral impact of social marketing campaigns.

Kajsa is the faculty advisor of the Journalism Living Learning Community and the SJMC Graduate Student Association. She is the also director of the SJMC Moeller Media Research Lab. Kajsa is a faculty associate of the University of Iowa Water Sustainability Initiative and an assistant research scientist at IIHR-Hydroscience and Engineering.

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