The University of Iowa

For Faculty, Staff, and Students

For Faculty and Staff

The Office of Outreach & Engagement provides infrastructure that makes engagement projects with the RC&Ds a positive experience for both new and experienced faculty and staff. Faculty and staff interested in incorporating an engaged learning project into courses can contact the Office of Outreach & Engagement to discuss interests and ideas. Projects are developed through close cooperation between Office of Outreach & Engagement staff, RC&D staff, and faculty and staff members. Projects are typically developed for the fall semesters from April to July, and from October to December for the spring semesters. Currently, no projects are completed with summer session courses.

The Office of Outreach & Engagement strives to reduce the workload of faculty and staff participating in a community engagement projects, and is committed to working flexibly to accommodate many different courses and teaching styles. The services offered by the RC&D Partnership include, but are not limited, to:

  • Facilitating project development between faculty, staff, and RC&Ds to ensure that projects meet both community and educational goals
  • Presenting to students about the RC&D Partnership and projects in the classroom
  • Maintaining communication with faculty, staff, and students throughout the project, including responding in a timely manner to questions and concerns, and participating in ongoing conversations about project development
  • Coordinating virtual and/or in-person meetings and presentations between students and community partners as needed throughout the project, including reserving campus space and technology and arranging travel
  • Funding project expenses (including supplies, travel, printing, etc.) and reimbursing any expenses that the faculty or students incur in relation to the project
  • Promoting student work, faculty and staff success, and community events related to the projects through publications, social media, and website presence

For Students

The Office of Outreach & Engagement offers project management, professional development, and administrative resources that enhance students’ academic achievement and professional success. Students can take part in the RC&D Partnership through course projects, independent study, or research opportunities. The following are resources for working with the Office of Outreach & Engagement and completing successful projects.

RC&D Partnership Student Resources

RC&D Travel Request Form

Current students should use this online form to request travel arrangements from the Office of Outreach & Engagement as needed for the completion of projects. The form includes options to request vehicles and hotel rooms.

RC&D Student Evaluation Survey

This survey helps Office of Outreach & Engagement staff assess the strengths and weaknesses of the program and best meet the needs of students. We value student input about the program’s development. This survey will be emailed to all students at the conclusion of their projects, and will also be available at the close of each semester.

RC&D Student Project Update

The student project update will be sent out to students via email, but can be accessed here at any time. The purpose of the update is help the Office of Outreach & Engagement keep in touch with students throughout the semester and provide support for their projects.

Project Guidelines

Review the Office of Outreach and Engagement’s administrative and communications guidelines, including transportation options and requirements for travel-related meal reimbursement:

  • Communication Guidelines
  • Travel Guidelines

RC&D Report Cover Templates

These report cover templates are available for students to download and edit to use in their final deliverables to community partners. The Office of Outreach & Engagement can also edit report covers if all necessary information is provided by email at least three days prior to the date needed.