The University of Iowa

David Bennett

David Bennett
Professor and Department Chair, Geographical & Sustainability Sciences

Dr. David Bennett's research interests lie at the intersection of technology, policy, and science. While their work is squarely focused on geographic information science (GIScience), They are interested in the processes and the effects of environmental decision-making. Much of their research is done in the context of multidisciplinary teams and designed to understand the social and environmental tradeoffs associated with alternative policies. As they work on these multidisciplinary projects, they intrigued by the interactions that occur among system components. Such interactions often produce complex, nonlinear responses that would not have been foreseen through the analysis of individual subsystems. As a result, they increasingly frame my work in the context of complexity theory. 

The semi-structured nature of environmental problem solving places unique and challenging demands on GIScience. Recent projects designed to address some of these demands include the use of evolutionary algorithms to generate production possibility frontiers that illustrate tradeoffs among computing criteria and the use of multi-agent based simulation to understand the impact of management decisions on the migratory behavior of elk. This latter project has reignited my interest in the representation of spatial cognition and navigation in the digital domain.

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