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Iowa Impact: Worth County

89 University of Iowa alumni live in Worth County.

Students, faculty and staff at the University of Iowa come from all of Iowa’s 99 counties. While the students stay on campus only for a short period, the influence they have back in their communities lasts a lifetime. These are the doctors, nurses, librarians, lawyers, pharmacists and much more that you interact with every day. By utilizing the education and experiences they received at the University of Iowa, your Hometown Hawkeyes are able to create a positive economic impact within their hometowns and across the state.

Worth County

Did you know UI practicing alumni in Worth County include:







Other alumni in Worth County include:








Liberal Arts & Sciences


Graduate College



UI Students from Worth County

There are 21 students from Worth County currently enrolled at the University of Iowa.
Tippie College of Business1
College of Engineering1
Graduate College4
College of Liberal Arts & Sciences11
College of Medicine1
College of Nursing3

How the UI impacts your neighborhood in Worth County

Last year, the UI supported 4 local companies with purchases of $4,138.

PreK-12 students were engaged in UI Health Care STEM Education Programs in Worth County.

Healthcare Connections in Worth County

Patient Visits to The University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics: 428

Number of tests performed by the State Hygienic Lab: 316

9 clinical tests. The primary mission of the Disease Control Division is to test human specimens, food and water for diseases of public health significance to protect the citizens of Iowa.

275 environmental tests. The Environmental Health Division routinely monitors private and public drinking water, private wells, streams and lakes, wastewater, air, soil and food for contaminants of potential environmental and public health concern.

32 newborn screenings. The Newborn Screening section identifies infants at risk for more than 50 inherited conditions by testing a small blood spot obtained from a simple heel-stick shortly after birth.

Worth County I-Club