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Charles Connerly

Charles Connerly
Professor and Director, School of Urban & Regional Planning

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Iowa City - Housing and Equity

Urban and Regional Planning students examined trends of income inequality in the Iowa City metropolitan area and developed a plan identifying income inequality trends in Iowa City, case studies of similar areas, and strategies for supporting affordable housing in the community; poster displaying...

Salix Comprehensive Plan

Students in the School of Urban & Regional Planning developed a model comprehensive plan for the City of Salix that incorporated Smart Growth principles. Small communities in Woodbury County are experiencing increased development pressure due to the growth of industry and urbanization. In...

Sioux City - Greenspace Plan

Graduate students in the School of Urban & Regional Planning researched the following five greenspace priorities for the City of Sioux City and created recommendations on how best to increase greenspaces downtown: opportunities for adding greenspaces along sidewalks; opportunities and designs...

Winneshiek County - MetroNet Plan

Students in the School of Urban & Regional Planning conducted an economic impact analysis of extending the current fiber optic system and provided recommendations on how best to continue enhancing the service and a 28E partnership between six stakeholders. Since 2007, multiple stakeholders in...





Dubuque - Local Foods Action Plan

Dubuque city leaders wanted to increase the production and consumption of local foods as part of their Sustainability Dubuque initiative. In addition to common direct-to-consumer approaches, such as community supported agriculture programs and community gardens, Dubuque city leaders wanted to...



Anamosa - Vision Anamosa

Urban and Regional Planning students studied the current state of the downtown area in Anamosa, Iowa and through research drafted a revitalization plan, Vision Anamosa, for local officials to use as they continue to build upon their current efforts. Vision Anamosa: Working Together for the Future...

Wellman Sustainability Plan

Urban and Regional Planning students created The Wellman Sustainability Plan which centers on sustainability-oriented recommendations for the City of Wellman. Recommendations were drafted based on surveys, public meetings, and discussions with local officials. The Plan was a ten-year road map that...