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Do your University of Iowa programs and activities involve faculty, staff, and students reaching out beyond campus to collaborate with diverse external groups?  

Program Directory

Individuals from across the state check the UI Program Directory maintained by the Office of Outreach and Engagement, seeking opportunities to connect with university faculty, staff, and students or to participate in university programs. The listings included benefit communities beyond campus. To have your program considered for inclusion in the directory, your program must include a community partnership and respond to a community need. In addition, you must be prepared to respond to community inquiries. Criteria we use to evaluate programs include:

Program or activity involves an off-campus partner and works to meet a community need

Actively maintained website or landing page where users can learn about the program 

Responsive contact person with phone number and email listed

You can apply to have your program included. Fill out the form by clicking the button below. We'll review your application to make sure it fits our guidelines for inclusion.

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