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Linda Snetselaar
The Office of Outreach & Engagement reflects the university's emphasis on creating a "better future for Iowans," one of four strategic priority areas outlined in the 2010-16 UI strategic plan. This plan was the basis for the creation of our office. During the first few years, we learned how we could serve the university faculty, staff, and students, as well as the people of Iowa. Now, our office focuses on the current strategic plan, A Bright Future. In this plan, the Office of Outreach & Engagement plays an integral role in the university’s goal to “engage with Iowa and the world to broaden education, improve health, and enhance economic development.” We do this work through our seven featured programs, our grant program, and continual support of community engagement across campus.

This added spotlight on our work has prompted our office to revise our mission and vision. Our mission is to grow mutually beneficial partnerships and enhance curricular efforts by connecting faculty, staff, and student resources of the university to people and places across Iowa to positively impact community issues and opportunities. We listen to Iowa communities and try to help them achieve their local goals with our resources. This collaboration comes in the form of projects, performances, workshops and other initiatives that address issues related to economic and community development, arts and culture, sustainability, public health and enhance the overall quality of life in Iowa. Cumulatively, our work spans all of the university’s colleges and reaches 89 counties.

We encourage you to follow us as we pursue our vision: to be a catalyst for innovative teaching and learning at the university, transforming communities throughout Iowa, and preparing students to be global citizens. We continually look for new ways to collaborate and inspire the campus and the state.

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Linda Snetselaar
Associate Provost for Outreach and Engagement

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