Hawkeye Speakers Bureau

Program OverviewHawkeye Speakers Bureau

Welcome! Hawkeye Speakers Bureau is currently in transition to the Office of Outreach & Engagement. Please check back after August 1 to submit your speaker request.

The Hawkeye Speakers Bureau provides speakers to service clubs, schools, senior centers, and other community groups across the state by request. The Hawkeye Speakers Bureau supplements the Hawkeye Lunch & Learn lecture series in growing community partnerships by making University of Iowa experts available to meet the educational needs of Iowans in a broad range of topics, opening doors for collaboration between the university and statewide communities. Speakers can offer insights on a broad range of topics, both local and global, cultural and political, scientific and literary.

Program History

The University of Iowa was among the first universities in the nation to organize travel for statewide lectures. These efforts were formalized with the creation of the University of Iowa’s Extension Division (now the Division of Continuing Education) in 1913. The purpose for this division was to “render a larger service to the Commonwealth and to the people of Iowa by carrying out to every part of the State the knowledge, the thought, the ideals and the spirit of the several departments and colleges of the University and by bringing the University generally into direct contact with the citizen.”

The Extension Division fulfilled speaker requests for over 60 years until the Office of Public Information and University Relations (now the Office of Strategic Communication) began fulfilling requests through the Speakers Bureau program in 1974. The Office of the President housed Speakers Bureau activities from 2015-16, before finding a home for the program within the Provost’s Office of Outreach & Engagement in July 2016. The Office of Outreach & Engagement renamed the program Hawkeye Speakers Bureau, and continues to publicly engage Iowa communities through program activities.